Sharks are in the St. Lawrence River. Are They in Lake Champlain?

Greenland Shark St. Lawrence

Sharks are in the St.Lawrence River so are they in Lake Champlain?

According to Canadian Geographic, sharks were discovered in the St. Lawrence river around 2003.  The species that have been known to make the St. Lawrence their home is the Greenland shark.  They have poisonous flesh and eat seals.  That is enough information for me to want to look into this further.

The Chambly Canal connects the Saint Lawrence River with the Hudson River in the United States. Lake Champlainand the Champlain Canal form the U.S. portion of the Lakes to Locks Passage.  So, there has to be a chance that a shark makes it into Lake Champlain right?  Lake Champlain is 490 square miles and 400 feet deep, that provides some serious hiding spots.

Here is a video of a Greenland shark in the St. Lawrence.

Just a thought, could Champy be a Greenland shark?